Communion service at 11.00 am on Sunday 5th June  2022

This will be in ‘picnic’ format – please bring your own elements
(a few will be available of you forget. Hopefully back to ‘normal’ at our next Communion)

The Church will be decorated for Pentecost
Coffee and tea after the service will have a Platinum Jubilee twist.


A Prayer for Peace
on Sunday 27th February 2021

Lord, when war in Europe breaks out again we come to you as our eternal safe haven.
We have so many voices around us telling us who we should listen to.
Who is right and who is wrong, where the truth lies.

On this day when we remember Christ shown in his glory to the three disciples,
remind us again of your instruction to them.

Then from the cloud came a voice that said,      “This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to him!”

At a time when deceit seems more powerful than truth,
when lawlessness seems to achieve more than obedience,
when money is power and the poor are forgotten,
remind us again whom we should listen to. 
Whose voice is always truthful, Whose voice always calls out for the poor.

Then from the cloud came a voice that said,     “This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to him!”

Lord, listening to Christ and hearing in our hearts all that he said, we pray for peace.
Not weak subservient peace, but powerful long-lasting peace.
Peace grounded in fairness, in compassion, in shared well-being.   Peace for all.

Peace for the greedy, for the belligerent, for the fearful
Peace for those who think wealth is happiness
Peace for those who think money is power.
Peace for those who are afraid to be weak.

Peace that the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ can restore to the earth.

Lord, strengthen the unknown peacemakers.
The strategists trying to read President Putin’s mind,
The politicians who must work together behind the scenes to build plans,
The sane voices in the media who need to be heard above the rhetoric and noise.

Lord, strengthen the defiant peacemakers.
The people who risk their own lives to protest within Russia against the war.
The people who treat all refugees equally.
The unmoving people, who will stand and resist while mayhem reigns around them.

Lord, strengthen the fearful peacemakers.
Those who cannot run, who are unable to run and so stand afraid in front of the oncoming horror.
For they are among the heroes, as they continue to go about their daily business, afraid.

Send your Holy Spirit among us now, Lord, To calm our anxiety, to give us peace.
As the horrors of war appear again in Europe we are still faced with our daily lives.
We bring all that matters to us before you.
Take our anxieties and our burdens and lighten our load again.

Hear us now in the silence……..

And, as we join our voices together in the words we heard from Jesus
remind us that all we ever need ask of you is contained in this prayer

Our father…

The  Worship Team


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