Ascog Church

The church was completed in 1843, immediately following the ‘Disruption’, becoming what is claimed to be the first Free Church in Scotland.  It was initially called Kingarth Free Church, but after the union between the Free Church of Scotland and the United Presbyterian Church, the name changed to Kingarth United Free Church of Scotland.  In 1929, following the union of the Church of Scotland and the United Free Church of Scotland the name changed once more, this time to Ascog Church.  In 1957 the congregation linked with Craigmore St Brendan’s.  The building has now been sold and is likely to be converted into a residential dwelling house.

History 9 Ascog

Constructed of traditional stone with a slated roof, the Church building is situated in a very attractive location at Ascog Bay, some 3 miles from Rothesay Town Centre on the A844.  The building is Listed as being of architectural/historic interest (Category B).  The architect, David Hamilton, also designed Hamilton Palace, Royal Exchange Square, and Toward Castle.

The solitary grave in the grounds is that of actor, artist and poet Montague Stanley.