Booking System

Our Booking System for Worship
Nobody likes the thought of having to limit admissions to church
with a booking system. We all understand the necessity – and
that’s the price we have to pay for resuming worship in the
building at the moment.

  • We have provided a dedicated mobile telephone number for you to phone. (In other words, we won’t be using it for anything else.)
  • If you wish to attend church on a Sunday, all you have to do is phone this number between 3pm and 5pm on the previous Thursday.
  • Whoever is on duty with the phone then will take your name and phone number and address – your Trace and Protect details. These will be retained for 21 days and then destroyed, in accordance with the regulations.
  • If we have already received the maximum number of bookings by the time you phone, you will be put on the list for the following Sunday. IF YOU HAVEN’T A PLACE, PLEASE DON’T COME. HAVING TO TURN ANYONE AWAY WOULD BE HORRIBLE FOR EVERYONE!

    When you get to church, the Elders on duty will know exactly what to do to make sure that your worship is as safe as it can be, so please follow their guidance, and worship will be as positive as we can possibly make it for you!


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