Strollers and Striders


The Strollers and Striders group, affectionately known as the SAS, meet every Tuesday evening from mid April until September.  As the name implies this walking group is for people of all abilities who would enjoy an evening walk in various parts of this beautiful island in the company of like minded folks.  The starting point and route is planned in advance – see list below.  Tea or coffee, and biscuits are provided at the end of our exertions.  This will be in the Church Centre if we finish nearby, otherwise we have flasks and other equipment stashed in the boot of a car and enjoy fellowship wherever we are.

Getting the tea ready.Each walk lasts for 1 – 1½ hours – over paths, tracks, beaches, quiet roads and pavements. Occasionally we puff up inclines and sometimes encounter muddy patches, midgies, drizzle, downpours or even scorching sunshine. We always enjoy stunning scenery and each others company.


All walks start at 7.00 pm

2017 Programme  

April 4th : Loch Fad Meet at Church – via Lover’s Walk, Loch Fad Road, Causeway, Lochly Farm and back to Church.

April  18th : Port Bannatyne Meet at Port Bannatyne  bus terminus – via the Loop, Garrison Road, Bogglie Road, Gortans Road, Hydro Road and back to Port Bannatyne Park.



April 25th : Kingarth Meet at Kingarth Hotel – via Kilchattan Bay, through wood to Airstrip, Golf Course, Langalbuinoch Farm and back to Kingarth Hotel.

May 2nd : Eastlands Farm Meet at Eastlands Farm (Canada Hill) – via Rothesay Golf Course, Ardbrannan Riding School, Bridle Way and back to Eastlands Farm.

May 9th : Ettrick Bay Circuit Meet at Ettrick Bay Tearoom – via Tramway Path, Greenwood Crossing, Cranslagvourity Farm and back along the shore to the Tearoom.

May 16th : Kilmichael Burial Ground Meet at Ettrick Bay Tearoom (for car pooling) – walk from Glecknabae via Kilmichael Farm, down to Burial Ground and back to Glecknabae / Tearoom.

May 23rd : Ascog Meet at Balmory Road end ( some cars to be left at Montford) – via Balmory Road path to Water Works Road, after Water Works 2nd right to Bogany Farm, to cottage at end of track, back to Montford.

May 30th : Scalpsie Circuit Meet at Scalpsie car park – via path to shore at Scalpsie Bay, turn right along shore path, continue along shore to path leading to Ardscalpsie Farm, and back down to the car park.

June 6th : Dunagoil Circuit Meet at St Blane’s Car Park – via Garrochty Farm, pathway down to hut, along shore, Dunagoil Farm and back to car park.

June 13th : Dhu Loch Meet at Church – via Lover’s Walk, Loch Fad Road, path to Dhu Loch Road down to causeway, Locally Farm, Ashfield Farm and back to Church.

June 20th : Mount Stuart to UCB Meet at Church – car pooling transport to Mount Stuart then walk back via Cnocnicoll Wood, to Moor Road, West Road, and on to the Church.

June 27th : Ascog  Meet at Craigard House – via Bogany Farm, Water Works Road and on to Balmory Road (cars left at both ends).

July 4th : Bruchag Road Meet at Red Brick Houses, Bruchag Road – via path passing Barefield, back to Bruchag Road and Red Brick Houses.

July 11th : Straad Circuit Meet at Ballianlay Hall, Straad – via Straad cottages on shore, over burn and style, follow field up to Kilmory Farm, Quogach Farm, Ballycurrie Farm and back to Straad.

July 18th : Drumreoch Circuit Meet at Kingarth War Memorial – via Moor Road, Drumreoch Farm and back to the War Memorial.

July 25th : Skeoch Wood Meet at Church – via Lover’s Walk, Loch Fad Road, Barone Cottage, Skeoch Wood and back to Church through Rothesay.

Please note change of start point on August 1st (below)

August 1st : Ascog – Kerrycroy  Meet at Craigard Care Home – path to Waterworks Road, follow road to the Hermitage, and then out to Kerrycroy Quay and back to Balmory Road.

August 8th : Woodend House  Meet at Church – via Lover’s Walk, Loch Fad Road, Woodend House, back to causeway, Lochly Farm, Ashfield Farm, back to Church.

August 15th : Skipper’s Wood  Meet at Church – via Skipper’s Wood, Eastlands Road, Bridle Way, Rothesay and back to Church.

August 22nd : Greenan Loch  Meet at Barone Cemetery – via Eskechraggan Farm, pathway to Greenan Farm road end, back to Barone Cemetery.

August 29th : St Ninian’s Bay  Meet at Straad (Ballianlay Hall) – via the Straad to St Ninian’s Chapel and back to Straad.

September 5th : Mount Stuart Gardens  Meet at Visitor Centre Car Park and walk through gardens, returning to Car Park.

All walks start at 7.00 pm

When we walk we all chip in a pound to the ‘kitty’.  In 2016 we collected just over £400.   Together with the Evening Guild we used this to purchase two new fridges for the Church Centre kitchen.